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WebPosition 4 offers all of the tools necessary to improve your web site's search engine rankings and increase revenue. WebPosition 4 now includes a summary dashboard, trend graphs, essential off-site metrics (link popularity and search engine saturation reporting) and 200+ new search engines.

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WebPosition 4 Standard

WebPosition 4 SEO Software An easy-to-use, all-in-one solutions to help increase search visibility.

Standard Edition includes a basic toolkit for search marketers looking for complete visibility and keyword research into a web site's organic search positions. Supports up to 5 domains.

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WebPosition 4 Professional

WebPosition 4 SEO Software Extends Standard Edition with superior functionality designed to meet the needs of search engine marketers.

Professional Edition delivers the advanced functionality search marketers and SEO Optimizing sites for search engines professionals require. Includes all Standard Edition features plus paid keyword visibility, advanced reporting, private labeling, unlimited domain support, and more.

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With WebPosition 4

  1. Report your search engine rankings
  2. Target your keywords
  3. Optimize pages using built-in expertise
  4. Submit URLs to search engines
  5. Analyze conversions using WebTrends*

Why SEO Matters

Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) is the process of making web pages/sites search engine friendly resulting in improved search engine visibility and incremental traffic.

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* WebTrends required which is sold separately

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Search Engine Watch - Latest

Disruptive Search Forces in 2015 and Beyond

When we consider the disruptive force that search is playing in the health care and education systems, it’s not such a gigantic step for us to leverage it to disrupt how we measure search campaign successes 2015.

Complementary Services for Link-Building

If you provide services that are complementary to those of another website, that’s an obvious reason to collaborate and exchange links, boosting your SEO ranking.

Conductor E-Book: Marketer's Guide to Video SEO

Conductor and Invodo have just released the first of three e-books in their series "The Marketer’s Guide to Video SEO." This first e-book focuses on the overall SEO opportunity for marketers online today.

The Power of Social Advertising and Custom Website Audiences for Panda and Pengu...

Social can help SEO. Learn how Panda and Penguin victims can use custom website audiences via Facebook and Twitter to increase targeted traffic, social sharing, inbound links, and more.

8 Innovative SEM Tips From Those in the Know

When you’re trying to improve your search engine marketing, there’s no better place to look than the advice of those who have already had a winning strategy. Here are eight SEM tips from those in the know on how to improve the way you market your brand next year and beyond.

Google Faces $18.7M Fine in Netherlands for Privacy Violations

The search giant has been ordered to change the way it collects data to target advertising, or face a significantly large fine.

The Ice Bucket Challenge and World Cup Brighten Up Google's 2014 Searches

2014 was a year full of worry over Ebola and the Malaysia Airlines flight. However, bright spots such as the World Cup and the Ice Bucket Challenge still managed to trend with positive headlines.

3 Sneaky Ways to Bid on Competitor Keywords

It is possible to bid on competitor brands and get decent quality scores and traffic, so here are three sneaky ways to bid on competitor keywords.

How to Make Sure Your Link Dev Isn't Working Against All Your Other Marketing (a...

In order to make sure you're getting the most out of your link-building efforts, there needs to be strong communication between all members of your organization.

Facebook Drops Microsoft's Bing to Do Its Own Search Thing

Facebook's relationship status with Microsoft's Bing has changed to "it's complicated."
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Google Expands Local Inventory Ads To More Countries

Google’s product listing ads or local inventory ads are now going to be available in the UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia. Google Inventory Ads were launched in the U.S last Fall. Local inventory ads help retailers drive foot traffic and sales by showing local product availability, price and store information to shoppers in the area. According […]

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Facebook To Unveil New Ad Tool Next Week

Facebook plans to unveil a new advertising tool to help advertisers track users across all devices according to the Wall Street Journal. The move comes as brand advertisers move resources away from their Facebook pages in favor of micro sites . The new tool is expected to be released next Monday at Advertising Week in New […]

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China Blocks DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, the privacy search engine is no longer accessible in China. The Founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, confirmed that his search engine was blocked by Chinese regulators. He confirmed this yesterday on Twitter. @SirSteven @duckduckgo @jasonqng we did get blocked as far as we know — Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) September 21, 2014 Weinberg […]

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Getty Images Launches an iPhone and iPad App For Personal Use, Not Photographers

Getty Images launched a new iPhone and iPad app, called Getty Images Stream, which allows users to view the latest photographs.  The app lets users browse through photographs in number of categories, including sports, news, entertainment. When a user click on one of these categories, they’ll be taken to stream of photos from Getty. The […]

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Google To Introduce Default Encryption After Apple iOS 8

Few days after Apple said devices running iOS8 would be encrypted by default, Google announced that its next mobile operating system, Android L, will encrypt users’ data by default as well. Apple has updated its privacy policy as part of the rollout of iOS 8, announcing that devices with the latest version of the operating […]

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Google No Longer Require Users to Connect to Google Plus

The signs are everywhere but Google continues to dismiss any rumors of Google+ demise.  Now Google no longer require Gmail users to connect to their account to Google + profile. According to Google spoke person: We updated the signup experience in early September. Users can now create a public profile during signup, or later, if […]

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Vine Goes To a Desktop Near You

The popular 6 seconds video mobile app is now available on your desktop. Users are now able to go to Vine.co and watch their favorite 6 seconds videos on their large desktop screen and you are no longer constrained to a mobile device. The first thing you will see when you go to their new website […]

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Don’t Be Short-Sighted with your Website Marketing Strategy: The Value of Multip...

Many website owners now realize that actively steering visitors toward a clear POA (point-of-action) on their site is critical for increasing the website conversion rate, which improves the return on their website marketing investment. However, the primary POA is all-too-often an “all-or-nothing” proposition – meaning that it is often geared toward a specific kind of […]

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Xbox One Gets Web Search By Bing

Microsoft announced a new update to Xbox One, which support Bing web search and full online results. When searching with Xbox Bing, you will see results from Xbox market place, as well as items from the web. And when using Internet Explorer, you can now highlight text on the web page then press the menu button […]

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Google Updates Search With Resturant Menus

Next time you are getting ready to head out to eat, search Google to make sure the restaurant you are considering has what you want on their menu. Google officially announced the new search feature is now available Next time you’re planning a brunch or a date night, check to make sure the menu has […]

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